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Pack Odds and Pack Prices

Can we all agree that pack odds need to be increased or the packs price need to come down. I am sick and tired of spending money on packs to either be lied to about things not being in packs, or just paying $15 for a legend pack just to pull an 84 overall set piece that sells for 25,000 coins. I hope as a company ea can see and care about the consumers point of view on this. Also, if I spend $100 on a bundle I believe that you should be guaranteed something more than just an 86+ pack, because that 86+ pack is not good right now in the game! I could spend $100 on packs and the best thing I pull is a 87 Brian Dawkins, which is not even close to being worth $100! I just want change, and I am sure I am not alone on this topic. I hope this gets taken seriously and something is done about these packs because right now it feels totally unfair and a waste of money to buy packs. PACK ODDS NEED TO BE INCREASED OR PACK PRICES NEED TO GO DOWN!


  • Lol yep.....hopefully the lootbox bill takes affect then we cant be lied to about whats really in the packs we buy......shouldnt be long though!
  • I’m sorry but if you don’t like the pack odds, don’t buy them. Not trying to be a jerk but the complaint is invalid. The choice to purchase packs is entirely on the consumer. If the consumer doesn’t like the odds then the consumer should not make the purchase. Do I personally like the odds, not really but I like the gamble and I spend, more then I should but I enjoy it.
  • We like the odds. But they dont represent what's actually in them.
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