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Emergency Server Maintenance Tomorrow (Friday, October 18th) and Update on Missing Abilities

149 posts EA Madden Community Team
edited October 2019
Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

We wanted to let our players know that tomorrow (Friday, October 18th), we will be doing an emergency server maintenance starting at 6:30AM ET. During this time, Solo Battles will be gated to protect players from any issues as early as 5:30AM ET and will come back online by 9AM, or once work is complete.

In today's Title Update, we added functionality for players to get currency refunds for Superstar Abilities, Zone Abilities and Chemistries. We noticed that after we enabled this functionality in game, some players reported that some existing player items were missing purchased abilities. Our teams have been actively working on the issue with some promising results and we will provide another update in the morning.

We also wanted to give you an update regarding Most Feared. Unfortunately, Most Feared will not be launching this evening and will be delayed until further notice. We want to get this program launched as soon as possible; however, we also want to make sure we address the issue regarding missing abilities and provide our players more information on what we are going to do to address impacted players.

- The Madden Ultimate Team

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  • I’m missing abilities on about half my players and X-factors, and chemistries I had to re buy to even be playable roughly 70k or more in training any plans to fix this ?
  • Lol, second paragraph goes over that.
  • So after tomorrow we will have our abilities back because im not using my training points to rebuy
  • @KRAELO think maybe and adjustment to WL due to loss of abilities and such?
  • Tannaman
    4 posts New member
    > @mactaylor21 said:
    > I’m missing abilities on about half my players and X-factors, and chemistries I had to re buy to even be playable roughly 70k or more in training any plans to fix this ?

    120k for me
  • I hope they fix this man. I spent so much coin and time getting all that training.
  • I lost my abilities as well and some of my quicksells was gone too idk if anyone else saves them in there binder but I definitely have some missing.
  • Good to know I’ll be getting back my missing abilities appreciate it
  • horrible night....saw this after I lost my season......slow players=lost abilities.....all my bought packs=no feared players because delayed.....ugggggggg brosssssssss killing me
  • then I bought abilities again.......at least on my bo and holt......no good guys
  • Needs to take less than 75 wins for nat now 40 I'm thinking you guy screwing us out of time to stack wins
  • I played online before even hearing about all this. Lost 4 straight. About 90% of my team is missing abilities and chems.
  • Thanks for the update. Can I assume that the Most Feared launch in Franchise Mode has also been delayed until further notice as well?
  • Please help!!! I have encountered many serious issues with Madden 20 since purchase. Its getting ridiculous. I need someone to do something about this asap. I tried to wait for patches, updates, server maintenance, and so called "make-right"...

    1. My abilities, superstar xfactors, and chemistries, are gone on at least half my players.
    2. I received a Aaron Donald Ltd, it went to my item binder, then it disappeared after server maintenance.
    3. Games in MUT challenges that I have completed, say I haven't completed them, even when I do it over several times.
    4. Games in MUT challenges can not be played sometimes, sometimes right away and sometimes not all, this is frustrating because this is how I grind for my team. Everyone is always ahead of me.
    5. Sometimes solo battles does not register my score, so I end in a lower rank, and it sucks to put the time in and not be rewarded like everyone else.
    6. I'm constantly getting booted out of games. Also on several occasions a opponent will concede defeat and I'll end up with the loss.
    7. The timer to pick and run a play on offense continues to tick after I have picked the play, the opponent notices, they don't pick a play on defense, so the clock will continue to tick, and I get a 5 yard penalty. This has cost me several games.
    8. The onside kick option for the receiving team is also broken for me. I cannot switch or audible my option on kickoff recieving.

    These are just a few problems I have. Please help me if not with all, at least the first few. PLEASE, I put to much money and time into this game to be dealing with this foolery!!! Thank you
  • Please do fix this for all players and not just some i just lost a play off h2h mut game bc my Jamal Adams and Marcus Allen were missing their abilities. I haven't checked all my players but I'm sure there are more chems and abilities missing. I'm highly disappointed in this mistake
  • I losted my playoff game wondering y my players were acting slow... I hope every player that was affected gets something because this is crazy. All year it has been something. I almost thought I had to rebuy my training as well.
  • Any updates?
  • Do we have to say we lost our abilities? or are they just going to know what you lost and how much they need to give back?
  • crapulae
    3 posts New member
    Bought a bunch of gridiron packs not knowing most feared wasn't released. This better be a massive make right.
  • Doubt it they’ve said plenty of times to not make any moves until they release a green light
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