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100 dollar Most feared packs are RIP OFFS

So I have never spent 100 dollars on Madden and been this annoyed. I pretty much got 2 77 overall's in every pack with the exception of a couple of 81's.

BY FAR the worst 100 dollars I have ever spent on Madden.

Normally 100 dollars would be at least enough to get one of the 4 cards needed for MUT master Lewis. Instead it got me 19,000 bats when the 4 masters cost almost 50k each.

That i pushing 250 dollars to purchase 1 card, and one thousand dollars to get Ray Lewis.



  • And seriously why can you guys not just set this up to where we can spend x amount of dollars and purchase a choice of the 4 cards without this crafting nonsense?

    If I wanna play a crafting game I would not be playing Madden And on top of it we are forced to buy 1,000 bat fantasy packs for anything other then skill material?

    This is HORRID
  • Sharlike
    1 posts New member
    Packs are always a rip off. Every time you spend money you tell EA they are doing a good job and they will keep making things more and more predatory
  • Well of course they are a rip off but this is a brand new level of crap.
  • I never buy packs. RIP off
  • Packs are definitely a rip off.i broke down and bought the totw bundle .all junk ..totaled 350000 coins.defintely not worth it.
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