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Offensive and Defensive Coordinators

I am a sports economist and a gamer. I still play Madden 18 and haven't bought a newer copy yet. As a researcher, I have published research on the impact of offensive coordinators on quarterback performance. This can be found here (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/mde.2985). I am about to publish a similar study on the impact of defensive coordinators on team defensive performance. I thought it would be interesting to use analytics like the statistical methods we employ in these studies to assign boosts to player positions based on who your offensive or defensive coordinator is. So, for example, as an owner, I could hire a given offensive coordinator and that guy may be associated with positive impacts on my quarterback's accuracy and negative impacts on my wide receiver's route running. In this way, coaches actually have an effect on your team, and it adds another fun dynamic to the game. Also, there is some research to fall back on so you know exactly what the magnitude of the relationship is between a given coach and his impact on various player ratings.
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