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  • i hate how there is no skill gap now days ive been playing madden for years and years and i just cant stand how ....

    the over thrown pass's for ints i have no control over....

    WR drops i have no control over ..... even when there wide open

    Lemar jackson cant out run 85 pace DE in the back field for some reason he gets chase down everytime i have no control over this

    Random fumbles for all QB's when u try and run .... there is no control over this

    covering slants in zone players will just watch the guy run past them i have no control over this

    ..... deep balls if the CB is just a yard or 2 behind the WR in the nfl most qb can put it over the wr shoulder where the cb can never get it but for some reason in madden the deep ball is always underthrown and the cb jumps up for an int...... I have no control over this

    players running routes near the side-line will pretty much always just run out of bounds instead of slowing down or turning around .... theres no control over this

    ........... THERE IS NO POINT PUTTING HOURS INTO THIS GAME TRYING TO GET BETTER BECUASE THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS YOU CANT CONTROL why would anyone waste there time with this **** is unbelievable
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