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Missing content/bug/Bad overall Experiences

I have been playing MUT20 since madden came out this year. There have been many things that have made me very upset. One of which is the fact that i lost abilities on players without any reason. I have bought packs hoping to pull a limited time card that the game said was in packs but afterwards i see that he really wasnt in packs. It was a pack error. I lost real life money when my abilities were taken. I lost real life money when i bought packs to pull a LTD time who wasnt in packs at the time even though it said he was. And the solo challenge “mirror match” has just consumed my entire day as i cannot beat it no matter how many times i try. This is a developer error . The game should end after halftime and it doesnt. All of these things EA has done to me in a small span of time which has made me consider the company’s legitimacy. I believe ive been scammed several times this year by the company . Without any explanation if there is no compensation added to my account this will be devastating to a point where im not sure if i can purchase this game next year or spend more money on this years game if these problems persist throughout the year. Thank you for reading. For your convince, i have attached my case ID number : 52272773 thank you again. Please explain further on what we can do about all the lost time i spent on this challenge along with missing content from my team. Which was purchased with real life money!! Is that not theft?


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  • Join the club my friend. It doesn't get any better. Packs are historically bad and I believe its intentional. We are all frustrated I'm on a no spend money on in game content strike.
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    Glad to see how much my friends at EA could help! They did absolutely nothing as usual! Im with you on this one andrejackson56 done spending money on this ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Done with ea as a company and done with ea access monthly charges. They completely lost my business as a whole for their lack of care for customers. Im gonna be playing call of duty from now on. EA is such a joke. Cant have any fun anymore without paying $50000 dollars for a team. Never seen a bigger cash grab in my life. They are basically promoting gambling to kids and getting away with it. And a rushed game this year doesnt make me any happier with the company. Same recycled game every year and same garbage. Definitely lost a good customer as ive spent over $500 in the past six years on the worst company ever. Cant even send me a follow up email or nothing? No make right? When everyone else gets 200k training free. I cant even get my 5,000 back from abilities stolen from me and packs that guarantee that i cannot pull a limited time card. What a joke this company really has become. Never would i have seen it getting this bad. An all time FAVORITE game. Ruined by lack of competition, improvement, and also the absolute absence of any support. Idk why im wasting my time writing this when i know damn well nothing will change as long as people keep paying for packs and buying the game, they can steal abilities from me without any explanation. Im good. [Removed mention of boycotting]
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