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Franchise 2024 week 8 sad day!

This is more of a fun post to counter what's wrong with the franchise mode because this is an instance that was hard for me but brought a breath of realism to the franchise mode.
2024 is a bigger and more difficult year for contract resigning than I expected, First, my starting 99 QB was not budging on a 7 year 266 million dollar contract ( I gave in and re-signed him).
I had originally thought I had 2 Wideouts to resign the same year, it turns out that I had 3! including one I felt dumb for overlooking in the 31-year-old Hopkins (96overall x-factor).
I decided to keep my 84 and my 90 overalls, as Hopkins wanted close to 11 million a year and I only had 26 mills in cap space. I had gotten Hopkins on a sweet trade deal a few years prior so I didn't have any penalties for releasing him, instead of releasing or resigning him, I traded his 9 million dollar contract to another team for a 78 overall superstar plus a 2nd and 3rd round draft pick, in turn opening up a good 6-7 million more in cap space and having 3 future players to build off, including new wideout who is now my number 3.
Love how the contracts evolved in this new, I still dislike how my 63 overall backup quarterbacks somehow always think they are work 5-10 million a year though.
I have had more fun playing this year's franchise than the last 3-4 years combined.


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