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I’ve tried contacting EA on Twitter with no response-Surprise Surprise. On PC as of 10/31/2019 still after you exit a game on PC it automatically goes to the player upgrade screen but you can’t do anything as the game freezes you can’t move or anything to the point you have to completely close the game and restart it. I’ve been playing since launch and have not had this issue untill the last update so it’s no surprise that EA fixes one thing and breaks another.


  • It’s after every single Franchise game that it hard locks and you cant do anything.This needs to be fixed ASAP.Ive tried fixing it on Origin and completely uninstalling and reinstalling and it does the same thing. It’s like EA doesn’t even care anymore as no one’s responding to any of my messages. If that’s the case then my game is broken and you should be refunding my money.
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