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Title Update | List of players with Secondary Positions



  • they didn't have it active after the announcement until much later in the day is why everyone was reporting it wasn't working. typical
  • You do not have to down grade anything, if the card has the option it is down at the bottom where team select and brawler chems are. 4th option if available, it does cost 500 training to activate
  • kareem jackson was listed at a ss first game of the preseason. he has played every snap this year at ss. you guys listed him at cb. i can understand this as that is where he played for the texans last year but it is inexcusable that he cannot use this feature in madden. why he is not on the list defies all reality.
  • Mike Pouncey doesn't have a powerup and Maurkice doesn't have the ability on his card
  • William "the Fridge" Perry OL and FB, now THAT would be funny!
  • Jim Thorpe is regarded as one of the greatest athletes in human history, and he played almost every position in the game of football. This man deserves to be in Madden.
  • You could also have George Blanda regarded as one the best QBs of all time, but also was a great kicker.
  • I meant to say William "the Fridge" Perry DL (not OL) and FB, now THAT would be funny
  • What about Trey Flowers Or mike daniels. the play LE/ DT too.
  • I don't know if this has been said but in order for them to fully count, like I play Suggs at RE because there is literally NO RE in all of Madden 20 MUT. But for him not to be crossed out in red and actually count, he has to play backup LOLB. In other words for me to make Rod Woodson my #2 free safety, I play him as my number 4 corner. Worse yet I have to play Calais Campbell at #2 LE because I play him as my #1 DT he obviously can't start in two positions. But I can't play Judon because he would be a 3rd left LB and Z Smith & Suggs occupy those slots although I should be able to move Smith or Judon to Starting ROLB, I can't because the game doesn't recognize secondary positions unless you are a backup at your first position. Which is kind of stupid. Especially considering the complete disregard for the RE position of the Ravens, the lack of a 3rd elite HB, the undervalue of Q Boldin and no Steve Smith to be found. Where is Haloti Ngata? RE? You really should remove the feature forcing a player to play a backup position. It's stupid.
  • [quote="WiLD_BOY4_20;c-2099497"][quote="williamulti12;c-2099475"]Doesn't show up as a option. I wasted thousands of training from powering down to the core elite tier and it still doesn't show up. Waste of training and time.[/quote]

    All you fellas have to do is put the player in on the position don’t have to power down or anything just place for instance DLaw in at the RE position and doesn’t have to be the LE backup no longer[/quote]

    Unless I have my player as a backup at his original position I get the red circle X outs. It only works for me with My RE Suggs playing backup LOLB. Which sucks because I'd like to have Judon there. Since the Ravens don't have a single RE in game I have a PU Howie Long in with my cards. Even though Suggs is supposed to be my DE now I can't delete or sell the Long card. I'm stuck with it, unless EA releases a Ravens RE of any quality.
  • Can Dwight Freeney be switched from RE to LE?? I can't switch 99 simeon rice so I'm hoping Freeney can... I have him powered up to 97 I just need the UL 99 but he still doesn't have the option yet... Don't want to have to power him back down and sell the cards if I don't have to obviously...
  • Even after Aaron Donald's secondary position for DE is purchased, STILL LOSES HIS CHEMS WHEN I PUT HIM IN! So frustrating.
  • I meant for DT
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