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Madden NFL 20 Gridiron Notes: Madden NFL 20 Title Update - November.

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edited November 2019

To ensure Madden is the best game possible, scheduled updates are deployed by the Madden Development Team to add features to the game after launch and to tune gameplay based on community feedback.

Our launch updates focus on many of the issues that Madden players report to us. We thank you for your feedback - you've helped us improve Madden NFL 20. We look forward to further feedback and are committed to continuing to meet your expectations.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what’s included in today's title update:

Key Highlights:

New X-Factor Zone Ability:

Momentum Shift - Inspired by Ultimate Team Legend LB Ray Lewis, Momentum Shift will knock all opposing players out of the Zone in addition to wiping out all opponents’ Zone progress. Momentum Shift activates after 3 total successful hit-stick tackles on Arcade and Simulation, or 5 total on Competitive.

Franchise Requirements: Available as a Zone Ability for Field General MLB, Run Support FS and Run Support SS.

Ultimate Team Requirements: Available as a Zone ability for Linebackers

All abilities from previous Title Update are now supported in Franchise Mode

Global Updates

General Stability and Connectivity improvements

NFL Player Likeness Updates:

Bears RB David Montgomery
Cowboys RB Tony Pollard
Titans P Brett Kern
Jets LB Blake Cashman

Fixed an issue with likeness of Buccaneers RB Peyton Barber

Updated hair for Falcons WR Julio Jones

Added a new version of Bears throwback helmet

Updated side stripes on Titans home and away and alternate uniforms

Updated referee hats to display ‘NFL 100’ logo

Franchise Updates

All abilities added in the previous update are now available in new and existing Franchise leagues:

Mossed - Inspired by Ultimate Team Legend WR Randy Moss, when players with this ability enter the zone, they will win contested catches regardless of coverage on passes of 55 yards or more (but does fall back to ratings formula when countered by defenders with Zoned Out, Man Up, Universal Coverage, Shutdown, and Zone Hawk abilities)

Lumberjack - Defensive ability, preventing broken tackles and can cause fumbles when using cut-stick tackles.

Out My Way - Defensive ability that always wins vs. impact block attempts vs. WR’s, TE’s and RB’s

Goalline Stuff - Defensive ability for quick block sheds against 1-on-1 run blocks within 5 yds of the goalline.

Inside Stuff - Defensive ability allowing quick block sheds against 1-on-1 run blocks on inside running plays

No Outsiders - Defensive ability allowing quick block sheds against 1-on-1 run blocks on outside running plays.

Tank - Inspired by Ultimate Team Legend TE Rob Gronkowski, ball carriers with this ability break all hit-stick tackles (but does fall back to ratings formula when countered by ‘Enforcer’)

DEV NOTE: As we were testing the previous title update we discovered a serious bug in our process which required us to remove the Franchise data that supported the new abilities that were added in Madden's other game modes.

Rather than removing them from the update entirely, we chose to release them in the other modes, fix the bug, and then release the abilities in today's title update instead.

Moving forward, we are still committed to all modes getting the applicable content at the same time. Thank you for your patience! The new abilities can be found in new generated rookie classes and are available as ability re-rolls in existing leagues.

Updated "Full On-Field Control" League option for players to work for H2H games.

New ‘Game Day’ scenarios added around Playoff scouting and the Super Bowl for new and existing Franchise leagues.

Fixed an issue exposing debug text in new league News stories

Adjusted League Commissioner setting: Player OVR Cut Restrictions from 60 OVR to 70 OVR

Fixed an issue in multi-user leagues during a ‘Forced Week Advance’ causing the player card to display incorrect information.

Changed the ‘Coach Preseason Mentor’ scenarios so that they are no longer triggering on the same player year-over-year.

Presentation Updates

Various Commentary Updates

Fixed an issue causing the Play Call Screen and/or Kick Meter to disappear after pressing the pause button following a timeout.

Updated Superstar loading screen for Seahawks DE Jadeveon Clowney

Added receiver ‘red line’ to the practice field

Gameplay Updates

Tuning to ‘Mossed’ Zone Ability: Increased Zone triggers to Three catches of 30+ air yards on Arcade and Simulation, and Five catches on Competitive; also increased required distance of passes when active from 50+ to 55+ air yards.

Updated running animations for scrambling QB’s

Tuning to reduce effectiveness of Aggressive Run Blocking coach adjustment

Tuning to reduce frequency of AI-controlled players attempting strip tackles when using the Aggressive Strip Ball coach adjustment; also reduced chance of face-mask penalties & broken tackles with this adjustment.

Tuning to reduce stumbling on defenders after a turnover

Fixed an issue sometimes causing players to freeze when scoring a TD at the same time they were breaking a tackle.

Fixed an issue causing the spot of the ball to be incorrect when catching a punt while out of bounds

Fixed an issue preventing QB Contain defenders from properly disengaging in the 4-3 Over formation

Fixed an issue preventing zone coverage defenders from breaking into pursuit vs. QB Draw plays

Fixed an issue preventing a tackle in a specific multi-player interception animation

Fixed an issue causing the Deep Middle Third defender in Cover 3 plays to abandon his zone vs. PA Read plays.

DEV NOTE: A quick update on the status of playbook updates: Playbooks are still a big part of our continuous development plan for Madden NFL 20, and while we’ve already made some updates this year, our players have told us they want more.

We’re excited to share that we have some significant playbook content in the works that should be ready for launch before the end of the calendar year, in addition to regular playbook updates in the meantime, so stay tuned!

Ultimate Team Updates

Added Secondary Positions for select players

DEV NOTE: Secondary Positions allow users to substitute players with this capability into other positions and still have their Chemistry count towards the lineup.

The Secondary Position feature is only available on select Power Ups and will open up after you consume the Core Elite or Legend version of the player. For example, Aaron Donald will have the option to be designated as either LE or DT once his Power Up reaches the Tier after placing in his Core Elite. A full list of eligible players and their positions will be posted shortly.

Likeness update and signature passing animations added for Ultimate Team Legend QB Peyton Manning

Likeness update for young version of Ultimate Team Legend RB Emmitt Smith

Superstar KO

New Legends added to the Superstar: KO draft pool

WR Marvin Harrison

CB Deion Sanders

SS Troy Polamalu

FS Ed Reed

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  • Still no fix to defensive perspective camera angle when playing as a player in franchise.
  • I love madden and have since it came out i have noticed a few issues that i think need to be resolved NOW! its a fantastic game awsome graphics so i play on pc i hate origan with a passon now i hope u guys switch to steam soon that would be great also gameplay i think when your a running back only one hand or arm from someone being blocked should affect you not having defender from being blocked just suddenly appear to tackle you when its the other way aroumd it dosent even happen. Next one main thing thatv makes me so mad i just cant stand it and i punch things because of it is when your a defender someone happens to catch a ball in front of you YOU NEVER CATCH THEM NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! Again other way around is different its stupid and unfair in madden 05 nothing like that ever happend ever also in 05 when you were a receiver trying to fight for a ball they wouldnt just give up like they do now you where able to face the ball and at least try to catch i hope EA fixes all this i personally think it would make it a much better game maybe not any easier to play but way more realistic O and BRING BACK HEAVY SNOW and fix the bugs on pc its so annoying when the sound sounds like its clipping and choppy bring it back EA AND STEP UP YOUR GAME WE ALL KNOW YOU CAN DO BETTER!
  • Since this new patch earlier, I have been having the CPU/A.I. players breaking tackles left and right, I cannot seem to tackle anyone on the first attempt. I just had a running back break 3 tackles behind the line of scrimmage, this needs to be fixed!!! Also, I still have a Superstar X-factor LT that has no zone abilities in my franchise mode. I drafted him as a superstar x-factor and still after this update, nothing!
  • IMO This is the best recent madden game by far way better than 19 and 18. Gameplay made a huge jump and I also seen guys like Dustin Smith make efforts to make the game look authentic as possible. Although There are things that keeps the ad it
  • Can we get more likeness update? We’ve been long overdue for double arm bands worn by guys like Jamal Adams, haha Clinton-dix. Also can you guys update jerseys for the cardinals, Texans,jags,raiders. And panthers? They all have patches added on their jerseys. (Panthers And jags 25th anniversary patch, Raiders 60th anniversary patch and the owners initial patch for Texans (rcm) cards(WBB) patch)
  • On the "never switch"song, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Beezy says "suck on the tip, baby pour out the milk" it's a sexual reference that should not be in the game haha. Thought you guys would catch that by now. You edited the word "❤️❤️❤️❤️" out of that one song, what Beezy says is 100x worse lmao
  • My kick meter is messed up again this keeps happening over and over again..they need to patch this glitch
  • Is anyone still having a kick meter issue?
  • MrBJM
    12 posts Member
    edited November 2019
    I don't understand how Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson are not Super Star X Factors... They are 2 of the Top 3 most electrifying QBs and 2 of the Top 5 most electrifying players period. Cmon now. Generational Talents.
  • Amari Cooper is a Super Star X Factor!!!!
    Thanks in advance
  • Going over a full week now of online server outages [b]November 1st[/b] was the first day of known issues and today is the [b]9th[/b] and there hasn't been any resolve yet? I refuse to play ultimate team. Haven't in at least 4 incarnations of the game, paywall modes are unappealing to me as a customer and are an unrealistic waste of time and money for the general audience. At worst, customers who will not even be compensated for a game that is unplayable beyond offline modes. This is far beyond a disappointment and definitely my last one as a Madden player.
  • It's a Saturday afternoon and again i can't get into my franchise game..❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • EA can we get the Arizona Cardinals white throwback Jersey with the Arizona flag on the sleeve??? Veterans day is coming up and I will always remember Pat Tillman in that jersey they show him in it all the time!!!!
  • Why haven’t you gone back to using the real player salaries in Franchise when you do a fantasy draft? This has been an issue the last 2 or 3 years and it takes the fun out of drafting your own team. Now every team has the exact same cap space at the end of the season because every player gets the same salary based on when you drafted them. I get that for rookie drafts because that’s how it is in real life but in a fantasy draft the fun was deciding to draft player A over player B because though they are close I know Player A has a team friendly contract. Now everyone gets the same contract and has same available cap space. Senseless. Change it back, please!!!
  • Another update by Madden but still nothing go fix is still to easy to run the ball with Xfactor running back that why you see most people play with teams like Dallas,49er, NYG and team with running QB's because QB contain or QB spy are still horrible ca you Help with that! Fix the running game it's Shouldn't be that easy what happened to the siding if is in the game is in the game!
  • RobRenfro
    17 posts New member
    I know you don't keep the same devs forever. But you should at least make every dev on your staff play all previous versions of Madden each year before they begin the new game. Because over the years some great features have been dumped and it's seems like devs get myopic every now and then on a feature that is stupid for lack of a better word. I'll give you an example. I've owned every incarnation of Madden that has ever existed. I played it online back on X-Band before these guys wanting to sell me a nano blitz playbook on YouTube or Twitch were born. I have 2 questions for the Devs, if these kids who have probably never played a down of real football can figure out how to hot route 5 defensive players in 8 seconds from a not very formidable looking sugar blitz front laden with dbs,. Why can't you you figure out how to put the same effective blitz packages in the game with no adjustments? And secondly how do you manage to put out the only football game with an NFL and NFLPA deal annually and not know the games greatest pre Super Bowl era Player "Jim Brown" played his entire career as a fullback. Not a halfback. If that's a problem for you, add a few more formations to the game. See if you can get a copy of an actual Tom Landy or Lombardi playbook. You know when they first got hired they were both on the Giants staff on opposite sides of the ball. So when they got head coaching jobs and one needed an offensive playbook and the other a defensive playbook they simply switched with each other. You need to add more teams to MUT and you need to maybe have cards that will take up a full team slot if you activate them. Like the 1985 Bears, The 2000 Ravens, The 2002 Bucs, The 1986 Giants, The 1977 Cowboys, The 1976 Raiders and The 1972 Dolphins but accuracy portray the teams. Some of them didn't really have faults they were just unbelievable in some areas and only the best in the NFL in others. Like the stupid balancing game EA played with MUT last year where every team had at least 2 position players that wouldn't get above 85. I'm sure you'll repeat that this year. And Clowney should have started the year as both an RE and at least rated as high as Mack or Donald. Coming into this season Clowney had almost 50 tackles for losses in the last two seasons, Aaron Donald had none last year. Clowney had like 13 plays more behind the line of scrimmage than any other player in the NFL last year alone. If he making plays on the other side of the line, he has to win his pass rush if he is playing one gap by the time the play is determined run or pass. So he was living in the backfield. Lastly, since I have been buying the game for 25 years and plan to keep buying the game, building teams etc. You shouldn't try to make do tedious grinding to upgrade Ed Reed and Ray Lewis every year. I buy packs. Pull my account. I'm going to build a team besides the best version of the Ravens. But you shouldn't punish me with these ridiculous upgrades every year. Ed Reed isn't my dead wife and I didn't steal him from the Underworld but I'm beginning to think the Dev responsible for these Power Up cards and these staggered releases instead of 99s coming out Day 1 may be Hades because it feels likes I've been forced to spend every year trying to build a team, only for a game with new trading cards and a new year and a couple of bells and whistles to take it all away and have me start over again. If you gave me the same time and access you gave some of the sandwich artist.. I mean professional YouTubers and Twitchers what ever that means. I could walk you through making the best Madden game you've ever made. Because I played football. I break down film for friends still. Just last week I showed them why the Patriots wouldn't beat the Ravens. Saturday night I'll post what they will run against the Eagles offense here in real life. We just want to play a football game with football players doing what they are supposed to do. The tech is there, the graphics are there,. The space is there on Blu-ray when you see a mistake like Jim Brown at Fullback. And formations line the unbalanced line and even the pro set are gone from MUT it's the Devs. And you may not be the only game in town forever guys.
  • I think its few more throwback jerseys that can be uploaded.. especially the cardinals away throwbacks because their default away is horrendous
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