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**Playstation Users** EA'S most downloaded file in history (4 million downloads) coming

I plan on making a .PDF file of my Legends roster which has only been exclusive to XBOX last 8 years. when finished i will make post with link, so you all can enjoy (with work) the greatest file in madden history (with over 4 Million downloads in 8 years. Perhaps why i now work at EA Sports Research Team. and i did the EA PLAY videos you saw in reveal. there will be an accurate count and accurate ratings for every player/team position. You're Welcome


  • 1/32 done
  • Are u able to DL my roster add the players photos EA recently added to those players who had no photo at week 1? Maybe add photos on the PC and convert back to PS4?
  • im xbox one, im making a spreadsheet with my ratings so someone who has PS4 can create roster on their platform, i gotta label it as a "Fan Page" so it doesnt get link removed. ive got all the way to chargers done, 2100 past players takes a while to convert to a spreadsheet, this is my last year as i finish my EA Internship in february. 8 years doing this and they reached out to me to work for them this year. i do most of the player attire skins for mut players.
  • give me your email and i can give you a sample of my product.
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