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  • EA you guys suck losing your fan base .Iv been madden player since day one and this big mess up.
  • This is terrible. Almost every time i think about playing, the servers are down. To then read this stupid post where you say you'll give an update in 3 days.. what's the point of buying your stupid game if it never works.
  • [quote="NatureBoy2323;c-2100616"]From our TOS: [b]Don't be inappropriate. That means no obscenity or other explicit posts i.e. sexting. This includes role play threads.

    Don't be rude. No matter what your feelings are about other people, EA Forums aren't the place to attack another person. That includes public figures, EA employees, or other forum users.

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    Listen, I am a Franchise player myself, I would like to be playing it right now, but like everything else in life, unexpected things happen. I can assure you none of the Madden Dev team is at home with their feet propped saying, o well.

    I understand being upset, but the name calling, the foul language and the personal attacks are uncalled for, unnecessary and are violations of our TOS listed above that each and every person agrees to when you join the forum.

    [b]First and only warning, if this type of behavior continues, I will start issuing bans.[/b]

  • Really considering never getting another madden game after this debacle. How much more obvious does it need to be that EA only care about the “pay to win” modes? EA, y’all should’ve learned your lesson after what happened to Battlefront 2’s micro-transaction drama. Every year you’re going to lose a portion of your player base due to the travesty that is CFM. All we want to do is play with our friends and not have to give you money in order to win a game.
  • Can only imagine how fast this would be resolved if it were the MUT servers...
    Former Madden Moderator
  • How about actually giving a f*ck about Franchise Mode, because it’s obvious you don’t!! MUT gets updates every other day and franchise gets bug fixes and roster updates (which you botched) every Thursday. You guys are soooo stuck up MUT community’s a.s.s because of the $$$, well what about our money we loyally give you every year! And you hardly even update it then well not anymore I love the NFL but f*ck EA and f*ck Madden, it’s times a different company take on the license... **** you “listen” to the community.
  • I am frustrated, spent a couple of hours this morning attempting to fix what I assumed was a problem from my end. I then found from others in my Franchise that they were experiencing the same thing. So, if EA had posted right on the PS4 that there was a problem like they courteously do for maintenance & gating they could have saved me from wasting my time. This never ceases to amaze me that EA shows little concern for their customers. A modest refund on our subscriptions for downtime wood be a "good faith" gesture on EA's part. I mean 4 days!! Would we get 4 days to pay our bills?
  • We better all get refunds this is a freaking joke, how does it go down when you're promoting tournaments, and yet the mut is still on, seriously give us all refunds.
  • Multi Day outage on a three day weekend. One of the only weekend my wife took the kids out of town? REFUND time for sure!
  • If they were working during their actual workweek they wouldn’t be in the office now. The ENTIRE world operates on servers that don’t require constant maintenance, let alone being down 24+ hours. EA Sports, It’s NOT in the game!
  • I really have to wait till a weekday bruh I can’t stand this ur just gonna let a whole part of ur game stop working because of some simple bug that has to do with your servers that you have full control over
  • At least you provided an update but it's sad that it's going to take that long to allow us to play the game. If there is going to be server maintenance that affects the game or there is an issue maybe put a notification as soon you log in with the schedule so we can plan for it. This is a seasonal game so I'm already paying a lot for a short shelf life and now I'm losing a week of game time
  • For a company of EA's size, if this was a service they genuinely considered critical, it defies belief that they could not resolve faster. Franchise is the only reason I buy/play the game, and it's hard enough to find time to play that, really can't see a reason to continue supporting this product if the company producing it is not.
  • When can we get the Multiple missing #Draft picks for the Dolphins franchise mode ?
  • 7798i87
    2 posts New member
    Definately done with Madden and EA. Purchased Madden 20 a few weeks ago, first EA sports game I have purchased in years. Certainly regret the purchase and wont repeat my mistake.
  • 7798i87
    2 posts New member
    Could not have timed this profound failure more poorly. Remember to vote with your wallets this holiday season folks....No EA Sports under the tree in my house this year, thats for sure!!!!
  • whats going to happen is they are going to ease all cm that started bwt july and August its easier for ea to delete these league rather than add to then thy will just say cfm no one plays that let them start there leagues over
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