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  • Never had this problem before. Should be able to connect to server... What can you do?
  • Online franchise, i way i can finally play madden with my friends and build a team without having in app purchases like ultimate team. Me and another person grinded out our games and made it to the super bowl. We’ve been waiting to play our super bowl matchup for 2 days when it seems like it’s a relatively simple server update for one specific part of the game. I guess all the focus is getting people to spend money on ultimate team, ea has gotta be one of the greediest and least customer friendly out there. They have a monopoly on nfl video games so we are forced to deal with this garbage year after year. That is all, thanks.
  • I mean I’m upset I can’t play too... but some of these comments are unbelievable.
  • So I cant play my game I paid for ????
    What do I get in return for waiting?
    I wish people would boycott you for one year just one
  • This is crazy!! People HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO DO THE ONE THING THEY BOUGHT THIS OVER PRICED **** FOR, that involves hardly anything online and you guys are there with your thumbs up your A**!! FIX THIS ALREADY IT DOES NOT TAKE THIS LONG IF YOURE ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING
  • Sounds like you guys are gonna lose a lot of your customers this year! Probably gonna wait til 3 weeks after the game drops next year so I can get it half off since you have to drop the price right away since nobody wants to buy it for that price
  • It's going to be interesting to see what happens when CFM users convert to XFL 2K21 next year. Dont think the NFL will like it very much it a rookie competitors product outsells them. EA also would take a big loss and be humiliated. Maybe that would finally make them keep up their end of product support.
  • Monday , November 11
    Veterans Day 2019 in United States

    EA goes home for the weekend and Veterans Day. Update when they get back after long long weekend :(

    Product recalls, the manufacture will bust their **** to get the product off the shelves on the week days, weekends, and holidays .

    Weak effort by EA. Very weak
  • Went from EA Sports, its in the game to EA Sports, can't play the game...

    Forreal though, how the hell does Franchise severs go down but MUT is fine and dandy. EA is such a crooked company. Its a shame because DICE engine has came a long way and the gameplay has improved a lot imo. I've had Madden every year since 2001 and let's just say you're lucky 2K can't get in on NFL rights for games currently. Many people wouldn't even think about Madden anymore
  • So one update tanks servers so you shut them down. Now a corrective update tanks servers, so you take them down. Isn't this 2019 where in the world of SaaS and DevOps you just roll your code base back, fix it, re-test it internally and re-release it? This isn't even a fix-forward scenario. If any other major cloud based service provider had a response like this to this type of issue there would be hell to pay but since you are a licensed monopoly you think it is ok to handle it like this? Hey EA, hit me up if you want some real leadership in driving some actual quality in your releases.
  • trei15
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    Think something might be wrong with online quick match haven’t been able to get a game for over an hour
  • Our OD is up. Just checked minutes ago. We lost a few games that had been played (head-to-heads), but we'll live with that. Thanks EA, but consistent communication on your part would go a long way to ease the frustration expressed on the forum. Great job with letting us know about "planned" maintenance and gating, but how about being consistent and do the same for this most recent bump? In other words, right on our consoles as the aforementioned examples. That would have saved myself and many other "subscribers" time attempting to find the remedy on our ends!
  • I've paid, I've played... well, just a little due to the crap servers. Never Again will I pay for this weak game.
  • Another update by Madden but still nothing go fix is still to easy to run the ball with Xfactor running back that why you see most people play with teams like Dallas,49er, NYG and team with running QB's because QB contain or QB spy are still horrible ca you Help with that! The defense you call has to count for something and right now no matter what you call you can't stop the run what happened to the saying if it's in the game is in the game
  • On-line Franchise MODE is NOW WORKING! Thanks for making the effort now instead of Tuesday :)

    1AM Central Time
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