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I just saw the video @ryanmoody21 made and came on the forums to see if anyone was talking about it. This game is literally useless now. I can not play the game. I don't play MUT I play franchise. I paid 60$ for one game mode and what do I get in return? 4 after the game has come out and it's unplayable. I don't mean in a gameply sense. I literally can't get into the online franchise that I have put almost all my madden 20 gametime into. You guys really outdid yourself this time. People were already saying that you didn't care about franchise. That you only cared about MUT. I Knew that was the case but I really never thought it could get this bad. I mean just imagine if the MUT servers were down for an entire weekend. People would be losing their minds. You would dedicate whatever resources you have to fixing the problem and the servers would be back up within 6 hours. What does franchise get? Neglect, you don't even pretend to act as if you care.

The saddest part is if someone told me that this was all a huge plot to get more of the madden users to play more MUT I would believe them. They should give you a hint of what the people that paid 60$, or even more, for this product that you call a game think about you and your game. This is absolutely disgusting. My question is why will the franchise community get back in return. MUT would get free coins and packs, but what about us. Another promise that you will focus on franchise mode for madden 21. Yeah, I've never heard that before. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.


  • After this I'm officially done with Madden as long as EA has the rights to it. They ruined this game it was decent when it first came out. I thought they were headed in the right direction but it was all lies. To many things wrong with this game and they are still using the broken Frostbite engine. Which explains a lot of the problems with these 'updates'. People stop giving your money to EA all they care about is MUT.
  • 6 hours? You think they wouldn’t have their precious MUT mode fixed with 2 hours?
  • This is down right ridiculous! Franchise mode has been down all weekend with no explanation of why? I've dealt with the bugs, but at least let me be able to play the game. Smh
  • Well sense I play MUTall the time I can say this is not totally true, as I have not been able to play anything on MUT for the past 5-6 days now...anytime I try solo battles or challenges it tells me "ERROR" "Our Servers cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later." I patiently waited I tweeted them asking who I can speak with about a refund of some sort...I got the $120 version of the game and I can't even play the one mode I play on it so if I can't play it I want some kind of compensation I mean I spent $120 for the game and then I have probably spent another $60-$100 on packs sense it came out...so fix the game or give me part of my money back sense it's a half a55 game now..
  • I finally purchased 2k20 when it went down last week .. so that tells you enough about ea you can’t depend on them and every year they only sell because of no competition
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