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House rules

Once again thanks for ruining the one mode that was still fun.....100 + wins again? Who on earth comes up with these win totals? I wish everyone at EA would sit down and play House Rules to see how absurd this is.... Do you realize EA that your average gamer is going to have to play well over 200+ games to get over 100 wins!.....seriously who do you guys think you are? Last year we had to get 10 to 12 wins in House Rules for our card and that was reasonable now this year you genius' think lets make our players sell us their souls just to get a phillip rivers redux .....everyone at ea needs to rethink what they are doing to the community that writes their checks.....thanks for nothing


  • This is literally the worst. I am in college and have a job and the creators of this game expect me to play nonstop just to get one card. They need to change something about this because house rules is really fun but if I can't succeed in it there is no real point in playing it. EA has no idea what its players want.
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