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I hope you see this... in franchise there is a bug where some players x-factor and super star abilities aren’t appearing. I noticed 6. Off hand I can remember 4
Cooper cupp
Dalvin cook
Jaire Alexander
Kenny Clark
They all have abilities but if you start a CFM league they are locked and are unavailable to use. Please pass this on and respond. Thanks.


  • It's because Franchise mode for most people is totally jacked up. I can't even advance a week via simulation, it just says "Please Wait" and freezes with no actions available. It's all hot garbage.
  • I found a fix but my commissioner won’t do it for some reason so I hope EA fixes it.
    If you wanna fix it all the commish has to do is make there dev trait normal and save. Go back and make them a x-factor and it fixes it BUT they get random abilities, not the exact ones that EA has issued.
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