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Solo battle desync dnf back again. (Updated 12/13)

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edited December 2019
Just lost my last solo battle game cause te game desynced.... i was leading 28-0 with :45 to go in the fourth. And it was not my connection, xbox live and my streaming didn’t had any problem. it’s the first time it happened since like september, but it is still frustrating !!! Why can’t the game save where we are at in the game just like 2k so we can continue the game ? It seems like an easy thing to do as those game are just cpu games. Dnf just kill the mood when tou try to build a score for a top 100 score.
2k save all my career game when you disconnect, close the game or the system. So whatever the problem is, or if you just quit, you have to finish the game. It would be way less frustrating !

What you guys thinks about it ?
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