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Greatest Legends Roster (Preview Onedrive) So PS4 can have the greatest legends file in EA History

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Hello Fans, Its your Boy, The SHOCKER36 from XBOX1, ive been getting thousands of requests from PS4 users on my fan page to make a visual spreadsheet of the most talked about madden file in history (since 2011 I hit 4 million downloads this year, I hit around 250k downloads a year). so i have the complete additions of past players (NO CURRENT PLAYERS UNLESS THEY ARE RETIRING AND/OR RATED POORLY BY MADDEN). teams that you will see in my preview are; Bears, Bengals, Bills, Browns, broncos, Buccs. Along with a snippet from the cardinals and the packers. ENJOY PS4. [Removed link - CM]
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  • i know, pretty Legit.
  • LiamLander
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    boo, will hyperlink, so as to not "Break Rules"
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  • now if the "Madden Development crew" want to see what real work looks like be my guest.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hey, @LiamLander

    We fully encourage the community to create their own customer rosters, but advertising links to third party sites to download them is against the forum rules. We recommend letting others here know of the roster name to download them via in game.
  • its not a third-party link, its a text file on OneDrive. i didnt break any rules.
  • im sorry for those who requested my "FILE" for on "ONEDRIVE" which is "GOOGLE" and for those "MODERATORS" who dont know the forum rules, I posed a "FILE" Not a "THIRD-PARTY SITE" one drive is "THE CLOUD"

    thank you, im glad i could educate you moderators.
  • @EA_Blueberry just got off phone with EA, i was told there is NOTHING WRONG WITH A "FILE" ON ONEDRIVE, that is not concidered a "Third-Party" site, because its "The cloud" it doesnt lead to a third party site, it leads to a text document. so please read your forum rules, it says nothing about sharing a text file. im not trying to sound like a punk here, im highly educated and know the forum rules.
  • or second option is to capture about 75-100 images and post on page.

    thank you, and let me know when you confirmed reading your rules about sharing a file? because you should know your forum rules @EA_Blueberry
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Again, we fully welcome players to share their community rosters on the forums by letting players know where in game they can locate and download it. I know OneDrive is very reputable but our concern is the potential for malicious links and excess advertising.

    Via the Madden forum rules:

    Don't advertise. For anything: pay-to-play gaming sites, products or items for sale, referral links or advert links/images in forum signatures, avatar posts, blogs, profiles, you name it! But feel free to link to free gaming fan sites and free-to-enter league sites.

    250K downloads a year is quite impressive though and it's awesome to hear how much of an impact you're making for the Madden community. Thanks for being a huge Madden fan and stopping by the forums.
  • LiamLander
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    @EA_Blueberry i have an interview in February after my internship to join EA Sports in Orlando. so yeah this roster is part of my Internship. thats why my boys at EA are like "F+++ it, post it again" they want to see the traffic it receives. if you dont believe me, i will give you the number to my superior in PM.by the way this is 100% free, im not seeking payment, so its a "Free Gaming fan Site", you clarified it, thank you
  • oh crap lol my Boss at EA just replied to me and told me to publish it, so its visable...my bad, now i see why you removed link, there was nothing there.
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