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Online Franchise Relocation/Import Feature Idea

Hey everyone, 1st time poster here on the Madden forums. My friend and I started an online franchise for the 1st time this yr. We got to thinking about future title games, and all the stuff u have to go through in order to have it each game title.

I had spoken w/ someone on the EA Help chat earlier, Akarati, who suggested to post here so that way the devs can see and answer my questions, look at my ideas.

Anyway w/ being able to relocate franchises, we wanted to maintain that the teams who relocated in our online league, could continue to be those teams the next game title. But the question is, r we able to bypass having to play the 1st yr w/ the original team in order to use the relocated team in the beginning?

Also, speaking of relocating, I wish we could handle all of the major relocation things we used to be able to do, instead of just picking certain options to create the relocated teams. Or at the very least, allow both for anyone who doesn't wanna do the complete run down.

Another idea I had was EA creating an import feature for online franchises, similar to SDS'/Sony's MLB: The Show has for taking ur Road To The Show player from game to game w/out having to start over every game. Essentially it'd import every stat, player (minus anyone who has actually retired in the NFL who now wouldn't be available), and relocated team from each game's title so u could just pickup where u left off.

Hopefully an EA dev sees and responds to this, considering I was suggested by EA Help to do so, and was assured that a dev/manager would respond to that.
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