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Hey guys, my had started a new online franchise. We have 4 of our 8 spots filled for season 1. Looking to have a max of 8 teams for the 1st yr, and hopefully expand week 2. We're looking for just some casual gamers who don't mind some competition, but would also like to have a bit of fun. Our goal is to have 1 team in every division. We need 2 more per conference, 1 each in the NFC South and NFC North. Then 1 each in the AFC East and AFC South.

We've done a fantasy draft, so all teams are about as equal as they could possibly get. We are on pro, 7 min qtrs w/ a 25 sec play clock. We also have everyone join as a custom owner, that way u can relocate the team yr 1. The salary cap is turned off, but we do have a point & tier system for free agency to try to ensure some sort of leveled competition between user and AI.

And lastly, we also have a discord to add u to the league where u can view everything that needs to be viewed, as well as ask any questions that need to be asked. We r currently on week 1 so the quicker u join, the better.

If interested, message me and I can send a link to the discord, or if u have any more questions, I can answer those as well.


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