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Xbox not letting store load for Blitz packs

4 posts New member
edited December 2019
Nothing loads and everything errors out on store so lose out on 10 minute blitz pack already.

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  • Abroyba
    4 posts New member
    Have rebooted system and still cant get into MUT.
    Servers cant process request. I'm sitting beside friend with PS4 and he having no issues and we are on same network
  • Abroyba
    4 posts New member
    Well finally got in. 27 mins after midnight blitz start. Doorbuster missed 2 theme diamond fantasy packs. Now the 100 blitz boltz pack are error on buying them. Comon EA. You owe us xbox people some kind of make up for messing up for all these packs we are missing out on.
  • Abroyba
    4 posts New member
    So the 100 blitz bolt pack has now disappeared on the store. So now that's 2 theme fantasy packs and 100 blitz bolts that EA has screwed me on.
  • Yep i had this same issue smh i know i wont be able to get the next 10 minute sales that wasn't properly planned
  • It happened to me too. I dont know how to get around it. Its ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that we lose out on it because EAs servers crash and dont get back up until after it's gone.
  • This happened to me 2 nights in a row after calling ea to report the problem this is not right and its vety frustrating too be on and ready and get nothing this is total ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ea i am goin to take my money elsewhere if you don't want it.
  • Same here i logged in at 11:55 and got booted at midnight.......just waiting to get dumped on 2morrow....the only pack i want is the 2200pt cent pack and most likely wont be able to get it....thanks for nithing EA
  • Second day in a row I’m not able to get on and get my blitz deals due to servers crashing wyd ea do you job
  • It’s embarrassing they already had this issue and yet it’s still the same problems for the 2nd day after they fixed it?!?! How tf did u fix it when it’s still a problem oh let’s just say we did and put a hour time limit where we still won’t be Abel to purchase it come on and I’m on ps4
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