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Thank you to mods/Managers/Devs

I know I was a bit contentious last year regarding the time thing regarding the blitz last year.

So I wanted to make sure and THANK you and MAHALO you for getting rid of global packs and instead giving us personal limits. You made Blitz much less frustrating, and being able to plan ahead was nice.

(Still wish we had a bit more time then 4 hours between packs)

Thank you though for listening to the community. And the extra 100 Million or so you guys make, just cut me in Madden Points for life :-)


  • Just wanted to give a 2nd thank you for extending the sale for 1 hour for those who missed it.

    May I suggest allowing customers to give you money anytime they want rather then 1 hour from midnight till 1am eastern? That way you will not have to deal with these massive server crashes. It is 12:30 eastern and I still cannot get on
  • SO just wanted to update this, this year was MUCH better then past years. The personal limits rather then global were awesome.

    I think the only issue was the door buster sales, and you all made them available for an hour. Can we just avoid all the drama and anger next year and have everything ready for 24 hours. Having to get up every 4 hours is annoying.

    I hope for the rest of the years promo you will continue to do the personal limits rather then global limits.

    And one request for the future Christmas Promo, PLEASE do not make the first several days rob us blind on presents like years past, please spread out rewards evenly and make gifts worthwhile each day.
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