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So I'm assuming this is the last installment of Madden until the next gen console drops
I'm going to list my issues with this gaming franchise. If it goes against whatever regulations of the forums, so be it, this needs to be said
We all pay nearly 70 dollars each and ever year because this the only football game available. Every year we get the same issues. Aesthetically, the game looks amazing but, the game play is so bad. It's not even an exaggeration to say the game is bad.

1. And most importantly, DDA is real!.
I dont care what EA says, this is a real feature in the game. Its honestly the only thing, in my opinion that holds this game back. All if the control issues, ai issues, pursuit angle issues are caused by dda. When the game is for you, you can do no wrong. NONE. I've quit games because I knew the other person was getting shafted.
EA... we merely want a game where it feels as if we are playing.. that's it that's all. Football is such a cognitive sport to where you dont really need to add bells and whistles to the ai momentum etc I dont want to play a game that deadens a competitor's usered player simply for me to complete a pass I shouldn't have thrown. How do I know? because I can throw a bad pass and the other user will run to the ball spot and no animation will occur. we DONT NEED THAT ea! I someone shouldnt be able to come out in a dime package and stop the run consistently! .. like come on!! all 180 pound dbacks throwing tight ends and tackles to the ground... I dont want situations where the ball is in the air and for some reason my USER CONTROLLED player automatically goes into some weird defend the interception animation.. that's crap. EA, this honestly isnt a good game and it hasn't been for nearly the last 6 years or so. even madden 25 was a flawed product that never got better... on the next console, please let go of this DDA or whatever momentum system


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    There are some good points here. I’ll be it I do not like the momentum and DDA effects of the game this year. We all can see it. Especially in the last two minutes of each half when the offense runs hurry up it’s like you better be on point and like Rex Ryan says don’t forget to blitz.
    With that said when they make those mechanics so dominant it only allows for hacks to break the game and use these things to their advantage. Permanent momentum for or against and DDA the user are glitches and applied to trainers this year to make the first drive unstoppable, last two minutes deadly per quarter, sim your opponents solo battle etc etc etc.

    it’s challenging against the computer and honestly made solo battle more challenging this year. That’s cool.

    But it has had a negative impact to online head to head and any online mode really.

    But I love the game the same right.
  • At times it's almost like you're not playing another person, simply playing against an unstoppable computer controlled team. Ridiculous
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