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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: March Title update

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Hope someone from Ea reads this because I really like to get to the bottom of this

So I have a problem with the Ai and Running. Now it's not what you think it is as to I haven't seen one person ever mention this. Anytime I play madden, usually I'll make a created player on defense (keyword Defense). No matter what team I choose, the Ai runs stupid amount on offense. Like any season, any team. Idk how to post pics (tried Flickr and stuff still don't work) but I can describe it. 4th game of the year, Dalvin cook has 107 attempts. The guy in 2md has 64... and all the best guys are around that mark. So why does my Ai run the ball more. How do I prevent them from doing that. Its stupidly unrealistic. Like he has more yards by 200 but his Average is the same as the guy in second. Only problem I have is the attempts. Less attempts he would be perfectly around that 64 mark.
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