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EA can we please have extra O line/linebackers ablility personnel

So if you are a serious MUT player like myself you know which line backers have the best zone coverage and which have the best pass rush (so you can have odd be pass rush and under be zone coverage by subbing the linebackers first play then swapping fronts per what your opponent is doing or what you predict he will do) to go a step further you should also know which DE’s have the best man/pursuit and speed to spy them with your zone coverage to stop QB scrambling easily (josh Allen DE is the man!) while keeping the best run stuff DEs with your blitzing LBs.
this is the same with offensive linemen. We should know which is the best run blockers and which is the best pass protection. Sub line men if your running or passing. But look, I thank EA for giving us a second at every position!! Awesome turkey for the above mentioned reasons. But unlike last year were we could ability up anyone but only have a certain amount of flex players this year we can only ability up three people. I get that. Cool. But can we have it be only three abilities on the field? Then You can ability up your zone linebackers and run blocking line men. And as you sub them out you will still only have 3 ability players on the field.
We could have run block elite on run blockers. Pass block elite in pass blockers. Zone hawks one zone coverage line backers and under pressure on pass rushers etc. you get the idea.

Thanks for you you do for the game already EA.
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