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Constantly having to control 2 players in snaps

So just picked up Madden on the PC, using a controller (Dont think this would make any difference.)
Go into a game, and have a simple slants play, but i see my cursor is on both the QB and the WR, i snap the ball and drop back.
I start running right to buy some time for my receiver to get open, but i see he has also ran right, the exact same movement as what i told the QB to do.

This also happens on Defense which is impossible to use as you mark your player but the other player that ghosting your player leaves his WR wide open...

Is this a bug, or a setting i can turn off, its pretty game breaking, and to have it like 5 minutes into the game is kinda infuriating....


  • EA_Blueberry
    1333 posts EA Community Manager
    That's really strange. Have you tried right-clicking on the game in Origin to repair it or re-installed to see if that has any effect? It's important t have the latest driver updates for Windows and your devices too.

    Are you using an official Xbox One controller?
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