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what can be done?

I've complained on this board for quite some time now. I wonder sometimes if maybe I'm expecting too much from this game but then I look at other sports franchises and come to the conclusion that I'm not.

Madden needs a better way of depicting momentum and quality differences in teams and players. All of the star players have abilities that set them apart from the others, but seems as if those differences dont matter when it comes to momentum. In order for this game to be better, there has to be a toning down of how the game illustrates disparities in teams during matches especially online. If users dont call plays intelligently or they make bad reads, the cpu shouldnt assist them. I know that this dynamic exists because I've made bad reads where it shouldve been int and the other user lurked in the area but no animation for them would trigger. That's not fair and it's not fun for anyone. The computer will either augment or diminish your user controlled players movement. During matches where I'm apparently suppose to lose, every run play is plagued by hyper aware ai defensive players who all block shed using the same animation at the exact same moment and when they arent in position to make a play, my user controlled rb will run in plays for a few paces and not turn up field.. it's as if hes suck in quick sand. I was playing MUT and I have Winslow at tightend and Darius Slay threw him to the ground and tackled Kamara for a loss/fumble.. and Darius Slay would block shed the whole game..Mind you, I'm in a heavy formation and this guy was playing Dollar with all dbs..

I could type a thesis because there is so much wrong with this madden franchise that I want to continue liking but this is getting unbearable
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