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Left over Blitz cards and Harvest 92's questions

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edited December 2019
So 2 quick questions.

#1 I made an extra set of the Brady/Bosa/Quentin, etc, etc cards, enough to make another Irvin and Night Train, but I was hoping they would become Auction House available, but it seems you cannot AH them unless they are 76 or whatever they start as. Am I stuck only selling Irvin and Night Train and quickselling the Nat leftovers? (Just to clarify, I already have my own set of Nats I use)

#2 I had about 50 or so leftover Blitz cards after selling 4 Lamar Jackson cards. Today I got the cards back.............Which are worth 1 training???????????

Really 1 training? 125 of those cards were selling for 700k+ Any chance you all take another look at this?


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