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Linemen blocking

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Why do my guards consistently decide to double team when it’s not necessary, it’s killing my run game. They defense has 5 in the box, and I have 5 down linemen. The ROLB is always in on stopping my back because my guards do dumb ❤️❤️❤️❤️. I ran a dive play, the linemen were zone blocking what’s in front of them and the LG decides to pull like it’s a trap play, again allowing the ROLB to stop the run. The linemen are always doing funky stuff and it blows mine

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    So you need to double team the D linemen in the gap nearest your run. Then ID the correct backer. This is not a guessing game not is it just who you want you linemen to block. You will confuse your blocking assignments if you ID random people. line men always double team up to the line backers. Against a 4-3 the offensive linemen are responsible for the linemen and the middle backers. It is the responsibility of the running back to get the one outside up line backer. It’s up to the QB to get away from that one linemen if all backers blitz. If you send your running back QB is responsible for that down linemen and that outside backer. But your hot should be there if this is the case. Never block a TE it’s dumb unless your running. It’s only for people who don’t know offensive linemen blocking assignments. If youre going to block any TE it needs to be a wing TE.

    Now in the 3-4 the linemen are responsible for the 3 down linemen and the two outside linebackers. The running back is responsible for the jack. (Left of screen middle linebacker.) you need to ID the jack in a 3-4 pass situation. If you send your running back on a route the line men compensate on their own. Vs 7 man blitzes look for your hot. QB cannot hold the ball.

    If the same guy for runs.

    The just::: VS the 4-3 ID the outside up linebacker or the weak outside linebacker (if they are is a 4-3 stack

    VS the 3-4 ID the jack (left of screen middle linebacker.) for runs and the mike (right of screen middle backer) for passes)

    Any nickel and dime is just a 4-3 or 3-4. Pretend the outside line backers are linemen and the nickles are linebackers. They will be more spread out but it’s all the same.
    What about man align cover 3?
    Look for the 3 man cluster. The corner saftey and linebacker will be on the same side of the field. Corner is always outside (up or down) the saftey is always outside the linebacker.

    Good luck. And sorry I deleted my lengthy posts on how linemen block. Respond here if you need more help. I know much on linemen blocking. And EA has done a marvelous job implanting these real football techniques into the game.

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  • So basically ID the backer you want to block?
  • OhnOiTZdaSniper
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    No sir. That is how you confuse your linemen.
    Scroll down and read the section label **** the just***
    You must look at the down line men and linebackers to determine the front.

    Most of my football play does not rely on knowing their coverage, because in real football how would you unless you walk up to the line and read it. At the high school level audibles and hots and RPOs are still in Beta phase right. So unless your a pro NFL player you gotta go in with a game plan that works for you. Play against their fronts and read safteys and linebackers not coverages.
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