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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: March Title update

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Glitch still in the game for the last 4 title updates.

Simulation and Arcade game styles have broken defensive coverages. An exact play is running 4 verts spread y slot. Against quarters cover 4 drop. If you throw the ball to the outside reciever with a bullet pass and release the button just before the 20 yard line in practice mode. The DB runs towards the ball and it goes straight over his head without any attempt the play the ball. It is game breaking as the CPU can run this play against you and get free TD's at the end of the game and half. Because they run streak routes at those times in the game. It was broken with a previous title update and i have like 40 video clips to show this broken coverage. It also happens on similar coverages to cover 4 drop. Only game mode it does not happen is competetive. Which is obvious as thats the one the games designed for. Stopped me playing the game for like a month or 2. And i was loving it.


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Thanks for the heads up! Would you mind sharing one of those clips here so we can take a look at it?
  • Sure can, i have some from games against CPU and also in practice mode when i was triggering it over and over. None of these clips are user controlled on defence just so you know. All are CPU controlled movements. The clips are on streamable so i hope that's ok. If not ill have to try figure out how to get them on here for you to see.

    https://streamable.com/jd8av (first one is CPU against me in a game)

    https://streamable.com/e9buo (same game opposite side of the field)

    https://streamable.com/ub4un (Against CPU Rams)

    Also happens on this crossing route, using same coverage as previous stated

    This was then attempted to be fixed using the help of Sabo who has a very popular madden mod for the PC. And i have a lot of clips of me testing his tweaks.This one is me trying to trigger the glitch. Takes a bit longer but still happens.


    Also happens on this crossing route, using same coverage as previous stated

    Let me know if you want more, or if there is a better way to send these clips.

    Thanks for speedy response
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