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Real football talk: parts of the field those confusing zones cover

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Seam flat: you will see this a lot in cover threes with blitzes. The line backer/ Saftey will back up the seam between the vertical hook and hook curl (just outside the Hash essentially) then drop straight down to the hard flat if no one is coming through his zone. This can be very advantageous or like wise a disaster if you think they are covering the area the little light purple circle is showing. Its Not. You can usually get away with having a seam flat instead of a hook curl/vertical hook, they cover the same area of the field immediately after the snap but then mans the first receiver through his zone. There are rules however. The seam covers the lower flat (3-5 years off scrimmage), unless some one sits in the curl flat, or breaks toward the curl flat he will then take the curl at the numbers, and again unless someone heads between the curl and hard flat he will take him and let the posts go. (Post combos kill seam flats) If some one comes through this zone towards the center then the seam flat defender will man him down the field. (Ill be it he’ll be getting beat unless its the seam flat safety.) If you have a Tampa’d CB then this is a great combo. Bluff an outside linebacker blitz who is already blitzing (this gives him the 3 rec hook zone) then user the mid read opposite of this bluff blitz and keep an eye on the Bermuda Triangle (the area ten years off scrimmage between the hash’s and the numbers, people get lost in there [easy targets]; hence the name)

Quarter flat: like wise the Quarter flat linebacker will travel up the seam but then cover the upper inside deep flat. These do not stop corner routs guys. They will stop and let the corner go by just out side of the hash these do well against TE outs and digs, curls obviously and streaks.

Curl flat this flat breaks across or between the hard flats then plays the upper middle portion of the outside flat, Near or just outside the numbers. This will still let a corner route go by, ill be it a lot later than a Quarter flat, but someone who is good at throwing corners outside the numbers will burn this zone. will beat you on the curl flats, plus curl flats like to get distracted and run man on someone on an in running between the hard and curl flats. It’s logical but deep bench concepts will confuse him.

Cloud flat: this flat breaks outside and Then up, so it is better against the corner rout, but if they are really good at the corner you must user it a couple times. The cloud flat can be achieved buy first adjusting onto a curl flat, then adjust coverage down to the hard flat then back up into a cloud flat

Soft Squat: this unique Corner back flat will follow a streak with underneath leverage all the way to the end zone. You achieve this by pressing Y Y then the Corner back you want (X or B) then right on the left stick. If the streak breaks off into a post they will drop down to the cloud flats. This can be advantageous or a disaster if they send a deep out behind a streak. Otherwise they will let ago about the cloud flat and play there

Three receiver hook: this is the most commonly confused zone. The game would lead you to believe (with that little light yellow circle) that they will cover that middle area, but it is the responsibility of the 3 rec hook to get the first rout coming out of the back field towards the center like spot, drag, stop, in, anything that is very near the Line of scrimmage and central and if nothing is coming central they take any route out of the back field, like a flat angle circle Etc. how to achieve a 3 rec hook? Bluff blitz is the answer. This little tip may give you some insight into why the 3 rec hook often will press the line of scrimmage. They want to be up there to chase a drag or flat or angle.

Vertical hook: this one is going to be the area just under were the curl flat breaks outside. Safety’s from cover threes love to adjust into this route. Call SS scrape and put the scrape backer on a hook curl and the SS on a vertical hook. Outside quarter your CB’s and adjuste coverage into cloud flats. This coverage will blow their mind. Alternatively let the blitz come with both scrape and SS or one and the other.

Hook curl: this area is inside the vertical hook but not Quite into the middle read area. It will follow a stop rout into the lowest part of the seam flat

middle read: one of the best zones in the game, this is between the hashes just above the 3 rec hook and just below the middle third. They will follow a post. This can be achieve by pressing Right Right on the D pad, selecting your linebacker and then down on the left stick

Outside Quarter : the corner backs will back straight up off and cover the outside quarter, it is best to adjust your outside CB’s in CV 3 to outside quarters by YY then X or B then left on the right stick

Outside Third : the corner backs will drop back and inside, they will cover the lower outside third this is really no good in any even

Deep half: the safety’s will drop back and cover the lower inside deep half. This can be both good and bad

Middle third this is the deepest middle part of the field. Most safety’s have enough acceleration not to need to put some one hear unless your in a Cv 3. Mid read not mid third those backers.


1. Safety’s on three rec hooks barrel at the line of scrimmage just like if you spy them, but they don’t become **** and just stand in the center they chase a route. Cross fire with one middle backer on a middle read and the other on a curl flat with the saftey 3 rec hook is lethal. Outside quarter your CB’s.

2. Outside line backers on a seam flat then the same side middle backer on a cloud flat and the other middle backer on a middle read is lethal.

3. Cover three SS scrapes or Snakes are great if you adjust you CB’s to outside quarter, change the blitzing up SS to an inside quarter by pressing YY then the SS (usually X or Y) and then right on the right stick and seam flat / hook curl the scrape backer or middle backer.

4. Cover three trios are great if you hard flat that outside blitzing backer and cloud flat that blitzing middle backer then middle read the other backer.

**beware** you must keep an eye on the curl flat the middle read abandons. It is not hard to see if the rout tree is coming at the center or the flat. It is usually only comebacks that kill you so if you see the streak going keep an eye on that comeback by usering the middle outside of the middle read.

Good luck guys

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