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4-3 crusher form the weak I slot

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edited December 2019
1. Isolating the B gap is one of several ways to attack the 4-3 front with the run
2. There is a great run play out of the Weak I slot called “HB Blast”
3. You want to double team the (3/2/1) Technique (the defensive linemen near your guard) and then ID the Jack (left of screen middle linebacker)
4. Your center and guard will double team the 3/2/1 technique and the tackle will take the 4/5 technique.
5. The guard will break off to the jack linebacker because you told him to with the ID and the full back will pick up either the mike (right of screen middle backer) or SS.
6. This leaves your running back one on one with a Corner back ten yards later. Bad news for him right! Use your swerving stick skills to weave through your blockers and this will force anyone out of the 4-3 front.

Tip: oops he came out in a 3-4, no worries no worries, double team the 0/1 technique (defensive linemen nearest the center) and ID the left of screen outside linebacker. Act like that outside backer is a hand down linemen and still iso the B gap.
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