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How to get the 3-4 Okie and Eagle front in madden 20

So the 3-4 Okie is my personal favorite front, not to be called every play of corse. You want you line in 5 techs and a 0 tech with your middle linebackers over the bubbles (open guards [no one lined over them]) and your outside backers in 7 techs. Which is right off the shoulder of the 5 tech, i mean right there next to him.

1. You start out in the odd with your DE’s in 4 techniques and your NT in a 0 Tech.
2. Spread your line then pinch your backers.
3. Accomplish this by pressing left on the D pad then up on the D pad then right on the D pad then down on the D pad. Very easy adjustment.

Tip: slant your line left or right to depict the slant of the NT then immediately after out or in to depict the slant direction of your DE’s.

The eagle front is also another favorite of mine for the diversity in the run stuff game and TE press You want you DE’s in 4 techs (right over the tackles) and you want your middle backers over the 1 Tech’s (inside shoulder of the guards) and you want your outside backers in 6 techs, (this is oddly enough further out than the 7 techs, directly aligned over the TE if he is present and not Y flexed or Off or slotted.

1. You start out in the solid with your DE’s in 3 techs and your backers over the 4 techs.
2. Spread your line and pinch your backers again. The same as explained above. But done from the solid puts you line men in 4’s and your backers in 6’s.
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