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Can you guys add the option to realign divisions & conferences to franchise mode & edit schedules


  • EA_Blueberry
    4148 posts EA Community Manager
    When you say re-align are you implying the ability to fully customize divisions with the teams you want to be in each one?
  • DubNinerEmpire17
    66 posts Member
    edited December 2019
    Yes Being able to move teams to different divisions &/or conferences...
  • Also ability to fully customize the schedules
  • Yes the college football game had conference realignment & fully customize scheduling
  • Any information on if this is possible?
  • EA_Blueberry
    4148 posts EA Community Manager
    I've seen this mentioned before so there is some interest around it. No word on whether there are any plans for implementation for this Madden in future updates, but this is great feedback for the team to consider going forward.
  • How hard would this be to do? I don’t think I’m going to be in the market for the next madden game if this isn’t an option.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4148 posts EA Community Manager

    Confident the team can implement this but on a back-end technical standpoint it could be something they would have to plan for the future depending on the amount of testing to ensure other features continue to work as intended. Keep in mind that we get a lot of suggestions for features that all can be easy to implement, but when you get thousands of easy suggestions it would take a lot of time to implement them all in the game. Which ones do you choose? The ones that you do choose, will the playerbase only play those features for a few weeks and move on? Would be a wise use of your resources? Will the majority of the community like those changes or only a small percentage of players that want it? Will the NFL approve that game feature?

    Of course I'm confident you're aware of all the various factors that go into game design and with customization being a huge part of gaming these days this feature does sound appealing. Appreciate you dropping by and adding to the post which helps us gauge how many others out there are interested. :)
  • I'd be ok with it so long we can add expansion teams as opposed to just relocation. If we can add expansion teams, it'd make much more sense having this feature. I mean the NFL certainly isn't like CFB. Theres many more teams where colleges constantly realign. But if it came down to it, I'd rather see more in depth detail to contract signings, bringing back front load, balance, or back load would be awesome. Plus seeing a raise in the cap each year, as it seems like it doesn't do that currently. We also need the signing bonus for the contract to come off of the main money earned instead of the actual cap itself. The signing bonus is something that's given upfront. Now the addition of adding on stipulations to the contract to for a player to gain extra money would be super cool. Also the addition of Offensive and Defensive coordinators.
  • I don’t think the fan base would be against something like that but you would know more than me. Maybe there are overwhelming trolls of Madden players who love the lack of league history in Franchise mode.
  • FYI realignment of divisions the teams are in used to be a thing in old maddens and was great. For example if I’m adding a London team, it makes sense for them to be in a division with NY, Boston, Miami etc so I might want to move the jags to London, put them in the afc east, move the bills into the afc north and then drop say Cincinnati into the AFC south.

    Obviously wider divisional customisation would be great too.. ability to create expansion teams have more or less teams in the league, bigger smaller divisions, customise how playoffs work
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