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Ultimate Team Chris Carson

Hi, I’ve been trying to reach out to developers for Madden 20. I have the Chris Carson card that powers up an overall for every Seahawks dub. He is currently a 93 ovr but has 82 juke? I can’t get juke box on him and I can’t believe the rating. Have you seen him play! guy jukes defenders all the time! Yet his carry is 92 even though he fumbles a lot lol. Maybe it’s because I’m a Seahawks fan but I would reconsider this stat. I’d appreciate your consideration


  • amped4
    1 posts New member
    I am still banned for using the auction house . I used it and followed all the rules please help.
  • EA_Blueberry
    1458 posts EA Community Manager

    Like that juke at 47 sec? :)

    No word on an upgrade around that attribute but he's been great this year (outside of the fumbles)


    Our Terms of Service team should get back to you via email. Please check your junk and spam folder in case the email was routed there.

  • Any word on why his PUP is broken? He has a 92 and powered up he goes all the way up to a 92 🤣. Card is pretty disrespectful to begin with but can I please get my +1s.
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