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Current state of the game



  • I need to vent on how stupid this game is.

    Please explain to me why every team I face has the best defenses and offenses, especially when it's a low rated/terrible team. Another thing, there are teams in this game that just are ridiculous to play against because they're just made to be unstoppable. Browns, Cowboys, Panthers.

    Receivers can never get open and running game is stopped even by terrible run defenses. How is it possible for Patrick Mahomes, a 99 goddamn overall, throw more interceptions than a rookie like Drew Lock or a 60-something rated Brock Osweiler???

    I continue to play this game despite how much it aggravates my soul but just can't seem to understand how and why this unnecessary **** happens with this game.
  • tosstamer1
    314 posts Member
    edited January 20
    State of the game now since December 20th, 2020 still feels like I’m playing a beta version...

    - Defenders still have priority over deep balls and get predetermined animation picks 95% of the time no matter attributes nor player positioning simply by just clicking Y or triangle.

    - Running is still super OP due to pursuit being completely broken and runningbacks able to steer outside on any inside run play instantly like they all have joystick ability which breaks the pursuit of every defender on the field.

    - Swerving is still totally insane. Plenty of times defenders run into ball carriers and can’t even interact with them because the animation library can’t come up with an animation in time I’m guessing.

    - User defenders still can move around the field in an inhuman rate without having to play feet nor slow down to change directions.

    - Defenders can still be 10-15 yards under a route, jump and pick it.

    - Attributes seem like they don’t matter. Only abilities matter.

    - Committing to the QB vs read option, the QB can keep and just run around the defender that is spying him because pursuit is so egregious.

    - If a WR is looked at after he catches a ball it’s a drop everytime

    - When OL is pass blocking, they get insta-shedded very often. In my online franchise, I had 3 drafted linemen all 85+ , 85+ pass blocking that I traded because they got insta-shedded so often.

    - Blitzing is so OP since pass pro is so bad.

    - 3 man rush vs 6-7 blockers usually ends up a sack within 2 seconds before the WRs routes even finish.

    - Players have no awareness. I don’t even understand why it’s an attribute if it does nothing. I had Melvin Gordon running a swing route, and he’s sprints out of bounds during the route.

    - Players have no play rec. Defenders react the exact same way vs a play that’s been ran 40 times.

    - WRs routes don’t alter vs coverage. I played WR in high school and CB in college. WRs routes are broken off or altered depending on the coverage every play. That’s not in madden.

    - Still need weak and strong side LBs instead of left and right.

    - Still needs to implement calling defensive plays for the DL and the coverage. Like on 2k5, you can call the DL rush then call what the coverage would be. Like making the DL run a twist then making the coverage cov 3 or something to combine them.

    - Franchise commish need more control. Like putting players on deferent teams so you don’t have to wait on someone to accept a trade.

    - Superstar mode have it like back on 07 where you run the 40, bench, and do drills. Teddy Bridgewater actually requested this to come back yesterday on Twitter lol And also make it so your player can play online for a MyPlayer type thing from 2K.

    - Glitches are still in the game 6 months after realer like the onside glitch, kick meter disappearing, etc.

    - DBs still don’t have to turn their heads to react to a ball.

    - Abilities and X factors are insanely OP

    - QBs will miss a throw with a clean pocket with feet set.

    - Outside WR out routes can only be stopped by a cov 2 concept which is ridiculous.

    - If the WR is faster than the CB, the WR burns him everytime vs press coverage.

    - Menus are super delayed and have to press A or X multiple times to register.

    - H2H still doesn’t have stats

    - No organization with custom playbooks

    - Non-team playbooks can’t be schemed in franchise

    - Franchise practice mode has different controls than the normal gameplay

    - Still no coordinators

    - contracts don’t work properly in franchise

    - Escape artist have 99 speed basically

    - So much more but I just don’t have the time to say everything.

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