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Chicago Bears and Mitch Trubisky rating update ASAP

I posted the stats and ratings of 3 QBs in Madden the day the update came out. Mayfield, Goff and Andy Dalton. All three in which Mitch Trubisky is out playing. Again Mitch has a 72 rating. Mayfield 78, Goff 77 and Dalton 74. Based on NFL.com stats. Mitch is out playing all three, yet he has a ridiculous rating. Thursday that needs to be addressed. He needs to be no less than a 77. If this game is based on stats, then admit they dropped the ball and fix his rating to match the others. Or lower all 3 QBS to a 72 rating.


  • I do not get the ratings either. I do not think they make the ratings on stats but rather some preconceived notions and some magical math that is only in their heads. There is no other way to explain the ratings of the leading sack total of Chandler Jones for the LAST 3 years who is only rated an 87. Plus he is again leading the league in sacks this year and he is still getting shade. I mean I understand Kyler Murray only getting a 75 which he is ALSO playing better than all 4 of those QB's you mentioned but still gets shade because he is on an irrelevant team with a bad record. Still, individual performances should be rewarded. Anyway KM is a rookie and he has a lot to learn and he is still growing. Nonetheless, the ratings are bunk and nothing can explain them as more than just opinions unless the Madden team is more transparent about the math that goes into deciding these ratings.
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