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Slim play call audibles changes

1. I feel like if we go into practice mode and take the time to change all of or Audibles, those audible changes should save over to our online head to head games.
2. So we know there are a few formations in each play book that will let you audible to nearly any formation (if you know the different formations that will allow you to audible into any formation you want [there are usually about three to get them all]; then adjusting the audibles on every formation would come into play as very handy.)
3. Slim play calling doesn’t allow you to set audibles in game either so you are kind of out of luck here, not that even in extended play calling i would want to take the time in game to change 4 audibles in every formation. (I guess unless i was in a live format tournament that let me do that pre game)
4. Is there any way we can change and save the audibles in our formations out of online head to head and have them saved there in online head to head?
5. Alternate offense and defense does not allow you to create a custom play book so that’s not the answer either (especially if your playing a live tournament you wont be using a custom play book)

Thanks guys


  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    That's not available AFAIK at the moment. With the weekly roster updates and changes to specific plays/formations in patches or updates I can imagine some custom audibles could constantly need to be re-adjusted by the player week to week. For online H2H it's vital to keep it a level playing field for all opponents which is one good reason why custom playbooks aren't offered outside of Franchise leagues.
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