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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: April Title update

Check out the Gridiron notes on our title update and share your feedback here

Issues that still need to be addressed

Inconsistency in calls. This can be ball spots, whether it's an incomplete pass or a fumble and many other things.

Reaction to the option play. The computer can still get 75 yards or more just by tossing the ball over right out of a snap if you're run blitzing. The defender still just stands there like an idiot instead of adjusting to the receiver.

General AI reaction. There's still too many instances of players just standing around, running away from the ball carrier in order to find the nearest blocker to engage with, blockers running right past an AI defender that is headed toward the ball, defenders staying in their stance while a ball goes over their head.

Animations and messed up plays. I don't get why the QB always holds the ball and lets the defender hit him for the sack if it's a human controlled player but the AI computer can toss the ball up as he's falling to the ground with a defensive player on him and still throw a perfect 30+ yard pass. I've had so many times where a full second goes off the clock before a defender hits my QB but the animation takes over and the QB just tucks the ball and takes the sack even though he's almost completed his throwing motion. Also defenders the are literally one to two steps away from a QB will stop and run backwards to their zone instead of going for the sack. There should be on the fly play changes like we see in real life because ten times out of ten that defender is going to take the sack.

Hit stick is still awful this year.

Stat tracking in Franchise is still broken. I'm still not getting credit for fumble recoveries on special teams.

The commentary is still broken and makes references to the wrong things or says the opposite of what actually is going on like a team is winning when they're actually losing, a guy was hit in the back field when he actually had a big gain for a first down. That sort of stuff.


  • End of the year awards in Franchise make zero sense. I don't see how the DPOY isn't ranked in the top ten for his category. Offensive linemen seem to make it to the Pro Bowl based on their overall rating rather than any tangible stats like like average sack to play ratio. Michael Crabtree was somehow in the top ten for Offensive Rookie Of The Year despite the fact that he's been in the league for several years. There's still nothing for TEs.

    There's weird physics. A guy can catch a ball that's five feet over his head, a defender was able to use his right arm to grab my ball runner by the right shoulder when my runner juked to the right causing his right shoulder to be several feet away from the defenders right arm. There's phantom winds that cause the ball to magically float to AI players. Somehow you can get a face mask penalty when you're tackling someone at the knees.

    Clipping to make plays is an issue. I've had AI players literally standing inside my player in order to make a play, I had a ball go right through my player's head and into the hands of the AI, I've had arms go through my player so the AI could make the play.

    Auto Subs don't work right. I have my o-line players to sub out at 80 and sub in at 85 yet I go through a whole season in Franchise and my back ups never play a single down. Same with other positions except for HB and WR. And the icons on the play selection screen get to the red so I know they're well below 80.

    Incorrect audibles still show up when using custom playbooks.

    A referee will overturn a play but there's still times that it doesn't actually change it on field.

    There's rare instances where a ball is placed in the wrong spot after a turnover. For example I was on the opponents 9 yard line and threw an interception in the end zone which they downed. They were then given the ball all the way down field on my 9 yard line where they then kicked a field goal which won them the game.
  • howiemy
    2 posts New member
    The thing I dont understand is some average bum linebacker running down field as fast as a speedy wide receiver. It makes zero sense. Throw a ball to an open receiver and somehow a linebacker comes sprinting across the field like tyreek hill to one hand intercept a pass. I dont understand the matchups in this game at all. People simply call all out blitzes and you get sacked over and over without even 1 second to try to throw the ball even in max protect. EVEN with the most superior offensive linemen. Half the time offensive linemen do not even block a defender rushing right through. The mechanics are stupid. The people who created this game still have no idea what they are doing. Everything is so inconsistent and beyond logic that it ❤️❤️❤️❤️ me off that I even bought this game.
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