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Defense in The game



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    tosstamer1 wrote: »
    Only team I ever see is Ravens now. The regs Lamar is better than an QB on MUT

    How would you feel about a randomized team option? Would be nice to mix it up where both opponents were selected teams of equal value, or if one team was far superior the lower rated team won't lose as many ranking points in the event of a loss.

    I'm definitely seeing a lot of Ravens online now too.

    How about we just go back to both teams seeing who each intends to play with?

    It was always a good laugh when someone would have the low rated team highlighted, wait until the opponent selected their team, and then the user would change to a higher level team at the last second. The other opponent would back up and switch their team again or refuse to start. A classic game of chicken.

    There are those that like to play MUT, Online H2H, and franchise. @tosstamer1 original concern is too many people selecting the Ravens now. Maybe add an incentive to win/play with other teams by adding a daily objective which grants a reward in MUT so you'll start to see more variety in online H2H games? This way MUT players could jump into the population pool with lesser favorable teams to win rewards.
  • Or do like fifa and match up teams off the team you select. If you choose the top teams, you play vs the top teams... Ravens, chiefs, Cowboys, Pats
  • I don't mind the current match set up. Sure, 3 out of 5 games I'm playing against the Ravens, but I have a defense that can contain them, unless the opponent is really good and knows how to mix up his offense--those players are tough to beat no matter who they play with.

    I don't like the idea of being forced via randomization to play with a team that I am not familiar with, even if I can just switch over to their playbook. I practically play exclusively with my favorite team and always have, even when they stunk. Taking this away from me would add yet another avoidable frustration with the game.
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