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How come there's no traditional Pro-Set Formation?

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edited December 2019
Bill Walsh the creator of the West Coast offense would be stunned that you don't have the genuine Pro-Set formation in his playbook. You've got the word "PRO" in several of the formation names but they are NOT a pro-set formation. Not sure what the formation looks like? Here, take a look at this 49ers pro-set formation in SuperBowl XiX on Youtube at 50:58

Furthermore, you've got all these old-timey players in MUT, but you have no traditional Pro-Set formation which was the primary formation for professional football for 80 years and you don't have it. You've got something similar with the Far and Near but no Pro-Set, and for the Far and Near for some strange reason you don't have any sweeps for those formations. Vince Lombardi said the whole foundation for his offense was the Packer Sweep! If you think it's OP then maybe that's because it's just a dang good play.
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