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qb ai remains the games biggest weakness

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Even QB's with ideal sense of pressure get sacked from defenders who blitz in line of sight from a mile away. I have my tackle set at 38 and yet it is rare for any QB to break sacks. QB's will move up into the pocket (for no apparent reason) right into the OL then get sacked seemingly as part of a scripted sack animation. They get bumped or avoid a sack but most often can't recover to avoid another sack or make a play. RB's also suffer from stun hits that keep them from recovering until they are tackled. Russel Wilson looks like a statue in this game instead of the play extender he really is. Pocket, balanced, scrambler, what is the difference in Madden 20? Answer-none. Paranoid, trigger happy, ideal what's the difference? When will we ever see a QB leave the pocket due to pressure roll out and throw on the run where throw on the run stat will be valuable? It's pitiful that my scrambling QB with 87 speed can't get away from slow lineman. This game shouldn't claim to offer sim and coach mode because that is far from true.

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