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Missing WL rewards

So last week during WL where it was double rewards, I chalked up 18 wins thus hitting the Legend tier. However, the rewards I received were that of the MVP tier. Including two 36k quicksells. Two TD packs. Four RZ packs. A slew of Hail Mary packs and 460 trophies.

Unfortunately, I did not realize until last night, maybe because it all seemed like so much, that I had in fact received the wrong rewards.

So I was shorted two TD packs, 28k in quicksell coins, and 140 trophies. Tech support via live chat tells me they have no way of helping me and my best course of action is to post on the forum.

Any help from the specialists here would be greatly appreciated.


  • The reasoning I was given as to why they couldn’t help me was that they don’t have the tools, apparently, to see what rewards I did or didn’t receive. But they also stated that there was an issue with the reward granting studio and that make-rights were pushed out. Not only did I not receive my content, but I also didn’t receive any make-rights . . .
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