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Can anyone help me with catching?

I really enjoy franchise mode, but I get a win or two every year, with the best defense in the league because I can't complete a pass. When I throw a ball, my receiver never makes a play for it, while the defender jumps up and swats at it or catches it at it's highest point. My receiver never tries for it at all. What is the trick? I'm tired of having one ore two wins a year because I get shut out most games.


  • well, for me I wait until the receivers break and get at least two steps on the defender. as soon as they break throw the ball. the talent of the receiver will detremine the rest, and I personally leave it up to the CPU to dictate if the WR will catch the ball. hope that helps.
  • Maybe I just need better receivers then? I'm trying to franchise mode the browns and I end up throwing four or five picks a game and losing 10-0 frequently. I don't really get receiver separation and I never know where Baker is going to throw it. Long passes are almost impossible. Do you put some air under them or put a little more speed on it?

  • EA_Blueberry
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    Send all your receivers on slants and keep your eye on the linebackers in the middle to see which way they break. Look for the receiver going on the opposite direction. I like to throw an outside WR on hook route so in the event I have to scramble they'll like break off somewhere as soon as you get out of the pocket, giving you an emergency option.
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