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Past decade of Madden let us down

In one key area. Animations.

This game is about animations triggered & it feels completely random sometimes.

You press rac & he still makes an aggressive attempt, etc.

However I think the future could be bright for madden.
If ea can look at qb1 as they start of looking at grind of every nfl position with accurate & fun mechanics (button & skill stick, reward, customization). I don’t know how much presentation will matter if it’s not a part of an immersive custom nfl experience.


  • I’ll agree they’ve let us down but I will not agree the future could be bright until they prove they will listen to the community. Legacy issues we’ve asked to be fixed for years haven’t and even EA employees knew that had to make a change but they wouldn’t so some of them quit. All they want is money and MUT will provide that year after year. We can only hope one day they have a competitor.
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