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Why am I unable to select my custom playbook in Schemes and Formation Subs?

I have recently started to create some of my own custom playbooks to better fit the players I have a few seasons into Franchise Mode as a Coach for the Redskins. I found it very frustrating to have designed my own playbook for over an hour for both the offense and defense only to discover that I could not then make full use of either of these in my game. If the game is offering a Coach experience in Franchise Mode then part of that should be the ability to craft your own playbooks to get the best out of your players, whether that is housed internally to Franchise Mode itself or at least being able to scheme with customised playbooks created outside of Franchise Mode.

I know from having read through some topics on here that I am able to select the base playbook I used to create my new one and the formation subs I set for that will carry over to my new playbook provided the same sets also belong in the new playbook, but it would be nice to be able to properly scheme for the whole playbook instead of reverting back to the default player selection based on the depth chart.

It becomes especially frustrating when I end up having to use plays from the base playbook in weekly training which I replaced because they don't really work.


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