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Dime 2-4-6 CB off the Edge

I’m asking for a concerned community? Do you guys plan on Patching this Defense or should we just continue to deal with the Cheese?


  • Unfortunately I think at the heart of the “dB sting” patch would have to address the two big problems of madden, the physics anomalies of everything & the OL/DL play.

    It’s been a long time with smaller players laying big hits knocking our big backs backwards during a truck sequence because of hit stick animations, or tacklers that zoom to get in front & deliver correct physics for a “stop.” Or the flipping of the hips & breaking on the play.

    Then there’s the line play. Which has buttons for animations but I’ve never been able to figure out any moves like doin a spin on command or a rip swim etc.

    fortunately for this update I feel like the easiest way to address some of these anomalies in the interaction between two players or more would be to focus on button mechanics for ol & dl play.
    A button to avoid someone at your feet, a button for the spin, rip, swim bull rushes, with modifiers &/or skill stick moves.
    However this also diverges too much into my recent posts in feedback & future madden ideas!
  • I see this defense all the time and nothing can be done. No double team, ID the mic, shift line nothing. The CB will come off the edge free and you just take the sack or loss of yards

  • EA_Blueberry
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    Post a video of your gameplay when they use this defense and we'll all crowdsource counters while feedback like this is relayed to the team. Are you looking for any advice around countering this?
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