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WRs varying their routes into soft spots in zone and other implementations for Madden 21

WRs running straight to defenders in a zone while space behind the defender is wide open. Even breaking routes off early to sit in the open space in the zone. Depending on how good route running is of course. It would be awesome to implement in madden.

So much gameplay wise that should have been in the game for a while now like Weak and strong side LBs rather than left and right outside LBs, assistant coaches in franchise, scheme all playbooks in franchise rather than only the team books, etc...

What other implementations should be considered for Madden 21? Help me out.


  • This is why great slot WR like Wes Welker, Julian Edelman will never be relevant in this game. Because awareness doesn't matter and because they aren't fast they can be covered by linebackers. In Madden they should break off routes faster then other WR and sit down in zone. There needs to be way more option routes so WR like these are major parts of Madden 21 and beyond.
  • Sheesh I wish it was more option routes. EA doesn’t know that just about all routes ran in the NFL are option routes or broken off depending on the coverage. But that would make them have to revamp everyone’s entire playbook and plays.
  • yes playing back to the players awareness ratings to get open would be a nice addition for improvising qb and much more
  • It would be nice if that’s the only why you could playmaker a WR too. If he had good awareness.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    More option routes for slot receivers sounds fun. Maybe even a way to choose from 3 different type of options routes for a slant for example. This way if you know your opponent is playing the linebacker you can really set yourself up to trick them. Might cause more players to opt for control of the safety or DE more.
  • To the OP: I cannot emphasize how important this is. The WR adjusting his route based on the coverage is the hallmark of passing offenses from high school to the NFL. Sadly, I do not think EA will EVER EVER be able to implement this.

    So frustrating to call, say a slant, and see the DE drop (effortlessly) into coverage and you know immediately that receiver is not an option. You look at the other receiver who is running a deep in but the safely simply drops down and just like that, that entire side of the field is no longer an option as well. In both cases, the WR should sit in between the zone defenders.

    The thing about it is that this is what EA SHOULD be implementing. Just like in real life, both the WR and the QB (the gamer) has to recognize it and hit the receiver while he sits in between the defenders... if the QB (the gamer) is too late, the defender will already be on his man.

    It is this reason that plays like flood do not really work... in the EA world, one defender can cover the three receivers who are flooding the zone.
  • Hardest part is how to get your wr to run the route your trying to throw. Too many picks thinking it’s a post & he run straight!
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