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Madden needs to be rethought

At the heart of a video game is user input & expected output.

People say we need to get rid of animations but as I’ve said in other posts, the animations just need to be mapped to the controllers better.

This is 2020 & we still have a “skill stick” which randomly exhibits moves, like the coveted spin where “truck” or forward lean used to be
& They act like our controllers have the precision Nano/electron-sensitive military industrial grade devices
I mean we have extended periods of time where whole teams are what I like to call “user disabled” (Where your player gets locked into an animation/you get locked out of input or your input is severely ignored on every level)

We have a random throwing mechanics.
Take option routes: I’m controlling the qb I’m throwing whichever option route I want. Unrealistic & very unsatisfying to throw wrong option as controller of qb.
This boils down to the problem at every level of this game though. which makes it unplayable & very quittable.
Why? Because it’s the defense too. How many times are your players not performing proper animations/ignoring them or even at a basic level ignoring the play/coverage called?

Is it a video game in the truest sense or is it just a low level input simulator which uses all the power of 2020 for visual sensitization?

I think you guys really need to rethink Madden
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