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fix A.I./Dynamic Difficulty

Being that madden is the only NFL title in gaming, it's all we have to work with. So, what I will do is to consistently lament the issues that has plagued the game even in earlier gen consoles.

I call it rubber band momentum, others call it DDA. This needs to be taken out of the game. It's a frustrating experience when it works against you and when it benefits you, the game is boring.
Most people complain about madden being too animation driven, which it is! But, what's really sinister is when certain animations trigger, be them unreal swat or interception animations from defenders not in position to even make a play on the ball, or, the ball carrier running in place a pace or two giving defenders time to tackle him.

A guy I played ran committed to the left and I ran an screen pass to the right. Guess what happened? On this screen pass play, the running back stops and the ball flies over his head 🙄
I get the ball in a kick off and runs it back for a td because NO defender would even interact with the ball carrier..Literally NO tackle animations, all defenders falling to the ground or TURNING AROUND AND RUNNING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION

I get the ball and attempt to run, even double teaming a defensive end and identifying the backer on the side I'm running to.
What happens? well No double team happens first of all lol
then the linemen who is suppose to be blocking is somehow trying to get from in front of me and wouldnt interact with the backer hes suppose to be blocking... this happened on every run play
Only way I scored consistently is because the guy kept trying to manually blitz a middle linebacker leaving the middle of the field open.
But everytime he made a mistake, the cpu would make up for it with Dlinemen swatting the ball every other play or, the ball being over thrown or, drops...needless to say, I loss that game.

Then, interestingly enough, I played another game and none of this happened! In fact, it seems as though everything I did worked. Even passes that shouldve been intercepted were completed. After I scored 3 tDs off nonsense in the first, I just quit because it's not fair nor is it entertaining to win like that. This needs to be taken out the game. It's the single most cheesiest programming to put in a game


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